Spring 2024

All workshops will be held in the Whelpley Hill Coronation Hall. HP5 3GB From 10-4pm
Please bring, plastic table cover, Lunch.
Coffees and Teas provided, plenty of parking.

To book please email me on for availability first

Gel Printing Day 26th March

A day creating pattern and texture as potential collage(for future paintings/courses) or as works on their own. You will need a Geli Plate.


Landscape using Collage and Acrylic

8th and 9th April

£ 120

Using a Collage base to introduce texture and pattern into the painting. Collage and Acrylic will be used throughout to produce a semi-realistic feel.    FULL

Distant Trees and textured foreground

22nd and 23rd April

£ 120

Two day workshop to explore textures and shapes in landscape using Acrylics and made Collage papers and mark making. Working from your photos or sketches. Day 1, making collage papers with Gel plate or stencils.

Contemporary Still Life in Acrylic

13th and 14th may

£ 120

Colourful, textured Still Life using Collage papers and Acrylics. Focus on Colour and shape. We will make sketches with pencil or charcoal to begin the design.

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