Autumn 2023

All workshops will be held in the Whelpley Hill Coronation Hall. HP5 3GB From 10-4pm
Please bring, plastic table cover, Lunch.
Coffees and Teas provided, plenty of parking.

To book please email me on for availability first

Mixing and using Neutrals

7th and 8th August

We will practice mixing neutrals first and then do an exercise in Acrylic to learn where and how to use them in a painting.
Day 2 we will make a painting using these ideas. This could be abstract or representational.


Pastel Sketches for paintings

11th and 12th August

£ 110

Sketching outside(hopefully)with Pastels and Charcoal to gather information and colour notes. These can then be edited back in classroom and developed into paintings using Acrylics aiming to convey a feeling of the place and experience outside.

Acrylic and collage Landscapes

31st Aug and 1st Sept

£ 110

Two day workshop to explore textures and shapes in landscape using Acrylics and made Collage papers and mark making. Working from your photos or sketches. Day 1, making collage papers with Gel plate or stencils.

Autumn trees using inks and Watercolours

7th and 8th Sept

£ 110

Looking at design, choosing areas of texture and calm, granulating inks, making washes to create a sense of tree and branch patterns.

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