Jan Munro


“The world always seems brighter when you have made something that wasn’t there before”
Neil Gaiman

When I paint I am making a history with layers of paint and paper......

What do I love about painting?

Making marks, shapes, colours and textures made from layered paint and collage. A history and an exploration of ways to say what I want to convey to the viewer and to myself.

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Traces of the work of scratching, sticking, blotting, painting, spattering, sanding arranging. The culmination and selection of the treasured parts that can show what’s in my mind. All good.

In my mind, sketches and photos, I have weathered Sea Cottages, window panes, stone walls, lobster pots, boats in harbours, ropes , chimneys, doors, the wind, the landscape, the cry of seagulls and the sea.
On the table, mugs, flowers, mats,pots,spots and lines of aged and new loved things.

My work has changed over the years becoming less representational and with a more playful approach to subject and materials.
It usually begins with some paint, collage and lines. I make my own collage papers as a warm up. Simplicity and texture are words I keep in mind as well as the thought, ‘I want you to want to touch this work’. Only when a few layers of paint have gone down does the work take on a level of intrigue.





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If you would like to see some of my work in local exhibitions or galleries you can see my work here

Linda Blackstone Gallery

Established in 1985, Since 2008 we have been based in North London. On 11 September 2022 the Gallery celebrated its 37th Anniversary!!

Fotheringham Gallery

Claire and Leigh Fotheringham established the Fotheringham Gallery in 1997. It is widely regarded as one of Scotlands most renowned galleries

Woburn Art

Woburn Art Gallery opened in March 2018 when a group of ambitious artists wanted a place where they could display their and their peer’s work.

Cullen Gallery

Unpretentious gallery in Cullen, Moray. Set up primarily to promote the work of local artists

Jan's paintings are richly satisfying as well as extremely fresh and immediate. Two qualities that aren't easy to combine

John Parks

Pastel Journel, Aug 2018

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